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Friend of the month - March

Have your say in March... Caroline Marshall-Foster from the UK!

"While the men may think they hold the reins it is women who keep this industry going!"
We spoke with Caroline Marshall-Foster, editor to Florist Magazine for 35+ years and she claims 'networking' to be her second name and expertise in the flower industry. Let's see what she has to tell us about Women, Sustainability and flower industry...

Florverde® Sustainable Flowers:On the 8th of March we will celebrate the international Women’s Day, how important is this holiday for the Flower industry?

Caroline Marshall: As an international woman I have to say very important!  In truth it really depends on which country.  For example in Russia it’s huge, here in the UK it is only just beginning to make itself felt and then only in areas where there is a strong Eastern European population. In the UK Mother’s Day… which this year is only a week later on March 15th… is far more important. My dream though is that flowe…