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Mostrando entradas de julio, 2015

Friend of the month - June 2015

Have your say in June... Katheryn Mejía from Colombia!

"Children are the future and we need to protect them against child labor. We all can be stewards"
By: Juliana Díaz, MBA.

This week is the World Day against Child Labor. Florverde® Sustainable Flowers standards prevents farms using forced labor or from employing workers under the age of 18.

Our friend of the month is Katheryn Mejía, Director of Social Responsibility of the Association of Colombian Flower Exporters (Asocolflores). We talked with her about this celebration.

Florverde® Sustainable Flowers: On the 12th of june the world will celebrate the World Day against Child Labor. How important is this celebration? 

Katheryn Mejía: One of the major problems of the XXI century is child labor. The ILO (International Labor Organization) says that there are 168 million children working in conditions of illegality in the world. The problem is not minor for Colombia. According to the Colombian Ministry of Labor there were 1,039,000 …

5th June, think sustainable

Celebrating World Environment Day everyday

Climate change does concern us all. Florverde® Sustainable Flowers, its certified farms and their partners are committed to our planet and its wildlife.

The Florverde® certification scheme works everyday to protect the environment in a number of ways: it encourages the change to sustainable production practices from local certified farms to the world; work together with allies to spread sustainability worldwide and drive people to be sustainable development change agents.

Making a difference with people: Florverde® thinks it really matters when comes to be a sustainable agent. Certified farms teach their employees how to make a difference everyday by education programs in recycling, rainwater reservoirs and preservation of natural or artificial wetlands and introducing them to the wildlife, which lives around the farms -and depends on it to survive. Also works with communities online thanks to its social networks to raise awareness about environ…