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Mostrando entradas de agosto, 2015

Friend of the month - July

Have your say in July... Ximena Barrera Rey from Colombia!
"WWF Colombia’s Water Stewardship strategy aims to engage companies to look beyond their organizational boundaries, to consider their relationship with water and rethink their sustainability strategy to generate benefits for communities, ecosystems and the business itself"By: Juliana Díaz, MBA.

This month we keep talking about environment and water conservation, now with one of our partners. Ximena Barrera Rey is Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility Director of WWF Colombia and also member of the Advisory Council of Florverde Sustainable Flowers

Florverde and WWF Colombia share a lot about sustainable management and water conservation in agriculture. 

Florverde® Sustainable Flowers:Taking into account WWF is part of our Advisory Council, how can Florverde® Sustainable Flowers and WWF work together regarding water conservation?

Ximena Barrera: Water conservation is a key issue for WWF. As a global conservation orga…