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Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2015

Friend of the month - Lucas Simons [NED]

Have your say in October... Lucas Simons from the Netherlands!
"If you trully want to transform markets you need to change the rules of the game and prevent the sector from becoming unsustainable".By: Juan David Hernández, MBA candidate.

In October we got deeper into the sustainability certification labels topic and share insights with Lucas Simons, founder and CEO of two companies:NewForesight, a strategic consultancy company working on sustainable market transformation, and SCOPEinsight, a farmer organization assessment company that bridges the gap between professional farmer organizations, markets and sources of finance. This guy knows exactly where the gap between small farmers and big agriculture companies is but also the role of sustainability in the business. Let's go!

Florverde® Sustainable Flowers:Why is it important to stimulate sustainable products in global markets?

Lucas Simons: Because if we don´t, we are left with sectors and producing systems were it is only …

5 common mistakes when you're new on Corporate Social Media

5 common mistakes when you're new on Corporate Social Media
By: Oscar Farfán
We all love to gather with friends in boths ways, offline and online. Do i have to communicate the same way to my brands' stakeholders?
Companies have much to tell to the world. Build your brand reputation online is not an easy task and you'll need to keep in mind some basics before trying to open the first brand's profile online, no matter what social media network you want to use.

1. Share what you like related to the business sector and think others may love it!
Social media is about being spontaneous. Is you see something an find it interesting after reading/watching it, share it! others can learn and will be grateful with you!

2. Don't auto-like!
Common mistake. You should be asking yourself "what's wrong with that?" well, if you have ever been around the hashtag #ForeverAlone that's exactly what you're showing about your brand.

3. Never use a personal profile as a compa…