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Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2014

Making the difference in Social Media!

Mary Westbrook highlights environmental holiday celebration online by Florverde® 

Society of American Florists featured on its website our social media campaign to celebrate the World Environment Day last June. We spread the word online and followers supported the activities.

"Using #EnvironmentDay, Florverde asked its followers to tweet, post and share thoughts on the environment, sustainability and the workers and working conditions behind the flowers consumers enjoy said, Ximena Franco, Florverde's Sustainable Flowers Director

Special thanks to SAF staff and Mary for such words!  

Read the full article here.

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Friend of the month - August

In Have your say on August... Jeroen Oudheusden from the Netherlands!

"The [flower] sector as a whole has to take responsibility and work together in solving issues and in projects aiming for higher levels of sustainability"
We shared some words with Jeroen Oudheusden from the Netherlands, Executive Officer to Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) and our friend of the month of August. He knows where exactly flower industry meets sustainability and why. Let's see!

FSF: Why is sustainability important for the flower industry?
Jeroen: The pressure to meet demand of the growing global cut flower industry has created sustainability challenges for the entire supply chain from producer to retailer. There is a clear need of a sector-wide vision on sustainability because fragmentation of sustainability projects and standards has led to inefficiencies in market uptake. Therefore the sector has joined forces in the form of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative to make sust…