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Mostrando entradas de marzo, 2015

Friend of the month - February

Have your say in February... Pieter Landman from the Netherlands!

"The trend is more getting back to sustainable and honest flowers as a gift, rather than over expensive luxury gifts"
We spoke with Pieter Landman, of the most well known floral designers and owner of Blooming Vision BV. He spoke about his work during Valentine's Day, millenials and aspirational customer trends and why for florist is important to work with sustainable flowers!

Florverde® Sustainable Flowers: This month USA will celebrate Valentine's Day, how are you preparing for it? 

Pieter Landman: I am already working on product development for the next Valentine's Day, in my profession you have to be pro- active but the production on the farms is now of course ‎in the highest gear, to bring for all lovers of this planet a beautiful floral gift.
FSF®: How have new generations (Y and Z) changed Valentine's Day?
Pieter: Nowadays, new generations have more access to different kind of gifts comparing …