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Have your say in May... Nadine Weckardt from Germany!

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"Once the consumer has bought and experienced an arrangement with sustainable flowers they're amazed!"

By: Juliana Díaz, MBA.

In the mother's month we had a little chat with Nadine Weckardt, well-known Floral Designer and 2007 European Champion of Floral Design. She's proud of providing her shop with sustainable products and keep her mother's legacy of floral design in her life. Let's see what she thinks about sustainability!

Florverde® Sustainable Flowers: as a florist how important is for you to work with sustainable flowers?

Nadine Weckardt: I try to work more and more with them because there's times in my shop when i don't want to buy a lot of fresh flowers especially during summertime and i still want my shop to look filled. I also use them a lot during christmas... in arrangements with no waterbase.

FSF®: Do you think european consumers care more about sustainable flowers than before?

Nadine: It still takes a lot of talking (...) but once the consumer has bought and experienced an arrangement with sustainable flowers they're amazed and excited!

FSF®In May we celebrate Mother's Day. What will be the best gift for a mother who is a florist?

Nadine: My mother is a Florist but of course for her the most beautiful gift are flowers... no lie!

FSF®: What's your message for moms around the world at the Mother's Day? 

Nadine: Moms are the most important influence on us as children. They give us more than just good advice in life. I always try to show my mom how blessed i feel to have her not only on Mother's Day but whenever i think it is time to say 'Thank you!'

Is there any other gift moms love in this holiday? we'd love to read your experiences and share some thoughts!


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