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Winners of the Florverde Sustainable Flowers 2017 Awards

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At Florverde® we are very proud to have held the first edition of the Florverde® Sustainable Flowers Awards. And what better time than during Proflora 2017 in October, in Bogotá.

We had the great pleasure of recognizing the work of five floriculture companies in Colombia that have excelled in different aspects of the implementation of our certification scheme. Especially for their strong social, environmental and economic practices, promoting sustainable flowers for the wellbeing of all. 

In the words of our director, Ximena Franco, "a producer of certified Florverde® Sustainable Flowers, turns the concept of sustainability into a tangible reality for its people, its environment and its business. The best result that a buyer can obtain: the wellbeing of everything and everyone involved".

The evaluation process

For any floriculture company, obtaining the Florverde Sustainable Flowers certification is already a recognition; the demanding standards in environmental, social, labor and quality of the production process make Florverde the seal only for the best. However, with the FSF recognition, we would like to highlight some aspects of the certification through an evaluation of a certain criteria to filter the outstanding producers in each of five categories.

It should be noted that all certified companies were rated at the evaluation date (September 2017), regardless of their size, the products they produce, their affiliation, focus, number of workers or other conditions.

The qualifications were made by the Technical Secretariat of Florverde Sustainable Flowers based on the objective criteria and a initial filter: the company must have been certified for at least 7 years. Consequently, from this initial filter, some other criteria was evaluated, such as: the proportion of direct employees to the company; the participation of the company in training activities (of workers and technical staff), advice and management for improvement; the continuity in the report of indicators and, more importantly, the performance of the company in such indicators.

Regarding the performance of indicators, ratings were given by level of performance and all these weighted qualifications allowed us to classify the companies among the excellent and the awarded, which were the five organizations with outstanding qualifications.

Each year we will carry out this process to encourage certified companies to obtain the best grades.

The winners

Frank Jordan from GR Chía and Ximena Franco from FSF

GR Chía
 - FSF special award 

For unwavering commitment to Florverde® Sustainable Flowers since its inception, in addition to the outstanding socio-environmental performance of the companies that it supports.

Luis Fernando Nieto. Agroindustrial Don Eusebio.

AgroIndustrial Don Eusebio - Continuous Improvement

FSF award for the rapid and continuous improvement implementing the best practices of Florverde® Sustainable Flowers.

José Antonio Restrepo. Ayurá

- Training and welfare of its workers

FSF award for its social commitment through the training and implementation of welfare programs for its workers.

Carlos Manuel Uribe. Flores el Capiro
Flores El Capiro - Social Innovation

FSF award for social innovation, building a better present and future for its workers, their families and the communities in which it conducts its activities.

John Vaughan, Flores de Los Andes

Flores de los Andes
 - Outstanding environmental management

FSF award for its commitment and consistency in the implementation of best environmental practices in floriculture, for the environmental health of the company and its natural environment.

Congratulations to all the winners!

VIDEO | See the highlights of the Florverde® Sustainable Flowers 2017 Awards ceremony.


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