5 reasons why sustainable flowers will rock this Valentine's Day!

5 reasons why sustainable flowers will rock this Valentine's Day!


The most important floral holiday in the year is close and our choices could make a big difference in the industry. Let’s see how they can make the difference!

1. Strict standard which benefits workers and their communities.

Now customers care about what’s behind the products they purchase. Buy responsible products means welfare to workers and their families as well as job opportunities for women.

      2. We’re obsessed with water resources.

We encourage farms to get the best of their rainwater reservoirs. In 2013, 54% of the water used by certified farms came from rainwater.

A reservoir from a certified farm in Colombia.

  3. We encourage networking to improve results!
Thanks to Floriculture sustainability indicators system, companies can measure not only their individual performance, but also a monthly comparison process between all farms participating. 

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